The Toolbox is the result of research and analysis conducted during the project in the field of alternative mobility and sustainable tourism management in non-urban and peripheral contexts and will include the following contents:
  • European, national, local context frameworks;
  • Current situation in each partner country/region to access the profession of Expert for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism or the two single markets (i.e. mobility and tourism);
  • Competences required to an Expert for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in each country and at European level;
  • Step by step guide to implement mobility plans and tourist packages in a sustainable perspective;
  • Entrepreneurship attitudes and skills: both in terms of knowledge and in terms of attitude, enhancing self-responsibility and autonomy in order to manage complex technical or professional activities or projects. Entrepreneurial skills represent a transversal strength for emerging professions;
  • Evaluation/qualification methods today used in each country involved and their reference to the EQF system and level of qualification attained by the ESMT;
  • Case studies selected by project partners, including the selection criteria and each case study detailed explanation/description.
The Toolbox will work as a support for the Learning platform, containing all subjects studied during the basic and specialized course as well as case studies selected by project partners. It will be directly integrated in the Platform representing the knowledge base on which many of the training contents will be defined. It will have the form of a publication disseminated in its electronic form.

The Toolbox is a well-structured and flexible tool, edited in English and suitable to different training contexts. It represents a fundamental landmark for participants throughout project duration (in terms of contents provided, materials, exchange of good practices, etc.) and beyond its closure.


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