On 19-23 March 2018 the fourth and last Study Visit “Turin and Piedmont on the move, between tradition and innovation” was held in Turin (Italy) where the students compared multidisciplinary topics related to sustainable mobility and tourism, condensing the experiences already carried out in previous study visits: what are the most recent transport policies promoted to support Turin as a tourist and sustainable city? How to strengthen the territorial competitiveness through the major infrastructures and the networking of the most marginal territories? What are the tools that an expert in sustainable mobility and tourism must know to work on urban and territorial mobility? What the main bottlenecks to setting up a good start-up dedicated to sustainable tourism?



Key-note presentations

  1. Torino, a city you wouldn’t expect – TurismoTorinoeprovincia (part 1)
  2. Torino, a city you wouldn’t expect – TurismoTorinoeprovincia (part 2)
  3. Lyon-Turin. An European and binational project – Luigi Pinchiaroglio (TELT SAS)
  4. 5T. Innovations and services for mobility – Francesca Marinetto (5T)
  5. Mal’aria 2018. Pollution in Italian Cities – Federico Vozza (Legambiente Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta)
  6. UniTo-Go. All round mobility initiative for a smarter, cleaner university – Andrea Scagni (Green Office, University of Turin)
  7. City of Torino – Giuseppe Estivo (Department for Transports of Turin Municipality)
  8. Cycling Mobility: a mindful choice for everyone – (FIAB Torino, Bici&Dintorni)