The second Study Visit dedicated to “Soft mobility and tourism: good practices of sustainability in an Alpine territory” was held in Werfenweng (Austria). Eco-sustainable tourism and mobility experiences: in Salzburg’s surrounding areas, students tried different experiences of “soft mobility” thanks to a large fleet of electric vehicles (cars, bicycles, pedelecs, etc.), discussed the SAMO Project with the local administration and attended the “Tourism Mobility Day” Conference.



Key-note presentations

  1. Alpenweiter Tourismus-Mobilitätstag
  2. Widar Von Arx – Institut für Tourismuswirtschaft ITW
  3. Panel 1 – Portrait of tourism regions with sustainable mobility
  4. Panel 2 – Travelling by Train in the Alpine Area
  5. SwitzerlandMobility. The network for non-motorized traffic
  6. Tirol on Track with mobility coaching
  7. Panel 3 – Guest cards for mobility
  8. Peter Brandauer, Karmen Mentil – Werfenweng Go Green: a sustainable tourism concept


Study Visit Piloting

Participants’ proposals for the development of mobility offers in touristic areas