The courses foreseen by the project are of 2 types: the Basic course and the Specialised course.
BASIC COURSE: the programme is aimed at filling possible gaps among countries and participants on basic mobility management knowledge and skills, so that all participants can be considered at the same level. The training programme is available on line and open to all participants.
It will be accessible via the platform and it is the basis to select participants for the training activity abroad.
SPECIALISED COURSE: it is focused on sustainable tourism mobility management in non-urban areas/regions. A significant part of the course will be the study visits/learning activities abroad for a group of selected participants (who have attended the basic on line course). The study visit will be a practical example of how different areas with different socio–economic backgrounds approach tourism and sustainable mobility.
Each study visit will last 5 days (+ 2 travel days) and will take place in a partner country:
  • in the UK, London (18-22 September 2017)
  • in Austria, Werfenweng and Salzburg (16-20 October 2017)
  • in Slovenia, Bled (7-11 November 2017)
  • in Italy, Turin and surrounding areas (19-25 March 2018)

To the participants who will have successfully completed the training a certificate of Expert in Sustainable Mobility and Tourism will be issued.

The main target audience addressed is made of VET learners aged 20 to 35, currently unemployed, graduates from specific University courses (e.g. architecture, engineering, etc.) or High School graduates with Specialised diplomas (including post-school diplomas), and/or VET post-graduates having previous experiences in alternative mobility or sustainable tourism fields.

The participants to the Specialized course can also be experts in the field of sustainable mobility who need to upgrade their skills and competencies in a evolving labour market.