Specialised Course

The Specialised Course is focused on best practices, innovative solutions adopted, problem solving approaches, etc. around main project themes (sustainable tourism and mobility).

Need, values and constraints of different territories will be analyzed trough the Study Visits, with a special inside devoted to examine different transport and mobility system in terms of levels of integration and connection with main urban nodes (accessibility) as well as of promotion of touristic values (historical, ecological, etc.), developing holiday paths based on sustainable mobility and unconventional transport modes (nature trails, horse-riding, cycling, climbing, walking, etc.)

In the definition of the Specialised Course, particular attention is given to entrepreneurial skills: the professional role of the Expert in Sustainable Mobility and Tourism might not be clearly defined in all countries and in all training systems, so it is be very important for young participants to develop competences on entrepreneurship, both in terms of knowledge and in terms of attitude.

List of selected participants to the Specialised Course


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