Basic Course

The course provides competencies on basic mobility management and is available on-line on the project platform.

The course consists of 10 video lessons (approx. 30 minutes each) in English – each one followed by a final test – on the following subjects:

  1. Sustainable mobility
  2. European legislative framework on mobility management
  3. Partners’ national contexts: laws and professional profiles in mobility management
  4. Mobility manager: an inter-disciplinary profile
  5. Transport competences and techniques: integrated transport systems, different transport modes features
  6. Communication abilities, marketing skills, social networks
  7. Spatial planning basic concepts and economic advantages deriving from a smart and integrated mobility planning
  8. Work process: build relational networks (knoledge of the territory), services provision (dissemination, new solutions implementations, etc.)
  9. SUMP – Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan: tools to develop and implement mobility plans
  10. Team working and problem solving

Among the participants to the online Basic Course, 21 students have been selected, through specific interviews, to take part in the Specialised Course, which will include 4 Study Visits paid for by the project (e.g. travels, board and accommodation).