S.T.R.E.E.T. Project


STREET_SCELTOS.T.R.E.E.T. aims at defining a new professional profile, Expert for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism (ESMT) focused on two main fields: alternative mobility and sustainable tourism, which are opportunities for economic growth, local development and employment, also according to the new EU policies.
The European territorial pattern is made of urban nodes, acting as drivers, and peripheral areas needing to enhance their accessibility, foster entrepreneurship and build strong
local capacities (Territorial Agenda 2020).
Thus, an effective mobility management could play a crucial role facing this territorial challenge.
Nevertheless, although professional sector is focused on urban contexts it can be re-qualified in terms of competences and expertise, tailoring on specific mobility needs of peripheral areas.
Marginal areas can rely on tourism considered as a fundamental driver to maintain the economic activity of these territories. Strictly intertwined with the mobility field, tourism can trigger a sustainable economy based on the ecological capital, the agriculture and forestry field and the entire specific social capital.
The new profile (ESMT), matching mobility and tourism in a sustainable perspective, will be able to work in peripheral, touristic contexts (e.g. Alpine Valleys) granting increased cap acities for job opportunities in all EU regions.
Another aim of the project is to foster entrepreneurship, in terms of knowledge and attitudes, which represents a key asset for a young person facing the labour market. For a not yet clearly defined profile, such as the Expert for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism, entrepreneurship can be an added value enriching basic skills with problem solving capabilities, autonomy and self-responsibility. Enterprising spirit and capability to design and suggest innovative projects and investments ideas are qualities appreciated in all sectors of the labour market, either private or public.